Do you have a partner you can count on when your pet is sick or injured?

When it comes to managing your pet’s health, timely and accurate diagnosis of illness, injuries and disease can mean all the difference. That’s why Claws N Paws Animal Hospital is proud to offer a full array of veterinary diagnostic services, from routine laboratory testing to advanced imaging and more. The ability to test in-house means that your loved one will always receive the care he or she needs at the very moment it’s needed. Our diagnostic capabilities allow us to evaluate both the internal and external health of our patients in the most efficient manner possible so that the appropriate treatment plan can be developed and implemented.

Digital Radiology (X-Ray) – Claws N Paws Animal Hospital is outfitted with modern equipment, including our on-site digital x-ray machine. We use this tool to examine how your pet’s body is working on the inside. X-rays help us to identify injuries, such as broken bones, as well as other internal abnormalities. This type of x-ray is also safer for your pet because it uses less radiation. Images can be instantly evaluated and shared electronically with specialists for second opinions.

Ultrasound Imaging – This technology uses sound waves to return real-time images of the inside of your pet’s body. Ultrasound is an excellent resource for evaluating the internal organs. It is particularly favorable because it’s completely safe and painless for your pet. That means we can achieve a definitive diagnosis without ever placing your loved one in harm’s way. Ultrasound images can be analyzed in-house by our experienced doctors or shared with a specialist via email.

Laboratory – Many ailments that affect companion animals can be identified and diagnosed through simple laboratory testing. By examining your pet’s blood, urine or fecal samples, we can pinpoint potential health concerns right away. The sooner we understand what we’re dealing with, the quicker we can implement an effective treatment plan.

Rest assured that if something is bothering your animal companion, you can count on us to get the answers needed. Contact us today to learn more!