Our Careteam

Veterinary Assistant
Courtney has always had a strong desire to work with animals in one way or another. As she grew older and her first dog became ill, she found herself wanting to learn more about why he was sick and, most importantly, how she could help. This personal experience prompted Courtney to pursue a career that would allow her to not only keep her own pets happy and healthy, but also help others do the same.

Courtney’s journey began at Carroll Community College, where she obtained her Veterinary Assistant Certification. Her favorite thing about working in veterinary medicine is the ability to learn new things on a daily basis. Courtney officially joined the Claws N Paws team in February of 2022 as one of our Veterinary Assistants.

When she’s not working, Courtney can usually be found playing video games, watching horror movies or crime dramas, hiking, camping, grabbing a meal with friends or attending a rock/metal concert. She and her fiancé, Scott, have four cats: Jack, JoJo, Artemis, and Gemini.
Veterinary Assistant
Technician Supervisor
Kristin can’t remember a time when she wasn’t passionate about animals. She was always volunteering to bring home the classroom pet during grade school, and couldn’t get enough of biology and other science classes. The older she got, the more her fascination grew. Kristin has always known that she wanted to work hands-on to better the lives of pets! She gets to do just that as the Lead Veterinary Technician here at Claws N Paws Animal Hospital.

Kristin is an Anne Arundel County native and attended Anne Arundel Community College to obtain her Veterinary Assistant certification in 2009. She signed on as an Assistant in her very first vet clinic that same year. Kristin joined the team at another local hospital as a Technician in 2013, and joined the Claws N Paws Animal Hospital family in August of 2017 after having earned her Bachelor’s degree from Stevenson University earlier that year.

Having known Dr. Singh for many years, Kristen was happy to join forces with him once again here at Claws N Paws Animal Hospital. She loves to educate pet owners on the importance of preventative care, diagnostic testing, and other healthcare measures, and she also likes to meet a great variety of pet and human personalities on a daily basis.

Kristin’s interests outside of work include drawing, spending quality time with family, and enjoying the company of her own pets at home. She has two animal companions: Akira, who loves to dance for treats and hog the bed, and Sasha, whose favorite pastime is sitting on her mom’s feet for love and attention.