Fluffy’s Summer Plans

Summer is almost here! Many people are looking forward to resuming activities that were curtailed by the coronavirus last year. As it turns out, your feline pal has a few things on her agenda as well. Here, a local Columbia, MD vet discusses some of Fluffy’s plans for the next few months.

Moth Patrol

Fluffy may spend the majority of her summer snoozing, but she won’t completely forego her duties as guard cat. Chances are, your furball will go after a few moths this year. Or try to, anyway.


Kitties don’t run on solar, but they do seem fond of charging their catteries by lounging about in sunbeams. We suspect you’ll find your furry little sun worshipper sprawled out in her favorite sunbeam quite a few times over the next several months.

Being In The Way

Do you sometimes find your kitty sprawled out in the middle of the kitchen or bathroom floor? There may be a good reason for this. Cats can have a hard time cooling off if they overheat. Because tile often stays cool in the summer, your furball may find that sprawling out on it helps her beat the heat.


We recommend that kitties stay indoors. Fluffy may love rolling around in the grass and ignoring you when you call her, but she’s much safer just watching you from a window. And, speaking of windows, we’re also betting that our feline patients will spend quite a bit of time at their favorite window seats, watching birds and squirrels.

Eat Plants

Many people like to freshen up their homes in spring by adding new houseplants, which their cats promptly investigate. Make sure to only put pet-safe options within paws’ reach. You can find a great list online at the ASPCA website here.

Be Adorable

No matter what season it is, our feline friends always put smiles on our faces with their charming habits, silly antics, and quirky purrsonalities. Fluffy will definitely make you laugh a few times this year!

Enjoy A Beauty Session

Fluffy is pretty diligent about keeping up with her beauty care needs. However, she will appreciate a bit of help with all that fur. Brushing your pet will help her stay cool on scorching days. It’s also a good way to get that motor going!

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