COVID-19 Update: Offering Curbside Service

To our Claws N Paws Family:

In an effort to keep both our four-footed patients and their two-footed parents healthy, Claws N Paws Animal Hospital continues to focus its efforts on Concierge Curbside Service. We sincerely appreciate your grace and consideration throughout these quickly evolving circumstances. Know that our goal is to keep everyone – you, your pets, and our staff – compliant with social distancing guidelines and remain well.

Here are a few key details:

  • Please call us at 410-579-2918 or 410-579-2349 to schedule your appointment. We are unable to accommodate walk-ins at this time. 
  • Drop-off appointments are available and encouraged to ensure you don’t have to wait in the car for extended periods. 
  • To ensure the continued well-being of our staff, our office doors will remain locked as we offer curbside service. Additionally, the restroom is reserved for staff only.
  • Please remain in your car and reachable by cell phone throughout the examination so our veterinarians can speak with you regarding their findings and we can return your pet promptly.
  • Pet Parents will only be allowed into the building to accompany their pets for euthanasia appointments. Please show consideration for them during this time of grief. Please observe a limit of two people per appointment and our mask-required protocol. 
  • We will process credit card and/or payments via the phone, only after receiving your consent for treatment. We can’t accept checks at this time. 
  • Remember to keep your car properly heated or cooled so that your pet’s body temperature is accurate.
  • As we continue to provide services with curbside service, it’s necessary that our team members still have face-to-face interactions with clients as they retrieve and return pets from cars. Please remember to help them and yourselves stay healthy by wearing a mask during these encounters. 
  • Please have your sweet pet properly restrained – cats in carriers and dogs on leash. We want to ensure their safety as they are being transported to and from the clinic. 

Clients with a scheduled appointment who are showing signs of illness that could be associated with COVID-19 should remain at home and reschedule their appointments. If you are ill and your pet requires emergency care, we ask that you have another individual bring your pet in for care.

Once again, thank you for your patience. Please give us a call with any questions or concerns. We’re all in this together!

Stay well,

The Careteam at Claws N Paws Animal Hospital


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